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Oh So Garlicky Garlic Bread

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Last night it was just Alex and me home for dinner.  I decided to make spaghetti with marinara sauce, because it’s quick and easy and because this fabulous garlic bread goes perfectly with spaghetti!

My family loves bread of all kinds, but this garlic bread is one of our favorites and it’s super easy to make.  It’s become Alex’s specialty, so whenever I need a hand with dinner, I can always count on him to make this bread.  Since I was trying to get dinner on the table quickly tonight, he made the bread.  He did not disappoint either.  The bread was perfectly toasted and oh so garlicky, just the way we like it!

Oh So Garlicky Garlic Bread

  • 1 crusty baquette
  • olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic

Preheat broiler to high.

Slice bread crosswise into about 4 inch pieces.

Then slice each piece in half lengthwise.

Brush each piece of bread with olive oil.

Place bread slices on a baking sheet.

Broil for several minutes until toasted and the edges of bread are getting browned.  Watch carefully, it goes fast!

Once bread is toasted, cut garlic clove in half crosswise.

Rub cut side of garlic onto each piece of bread.

Serve with dinner!


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