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Lime Poundcake

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I love poundcake, yes I do.  And this lime poundcake is no exception.  It’s perfectly tangy and it has a soft, yet dense texture.  It’s wonderfully delicious all on its own, but also tastes amazing topped with berries and a little whipped cream.

This is the first time I’ve baked with cake flour and I’m sold.  It was actually a bit of a happy accident.  When I went to bake this cake, I discovered that I didn’t have enough all purpose flour, but I did have cake flour, so that’s what I used.  I love how the cake turned out with it!  It still has the dense texture that poundcake should have, but I feel like the crumb was more delicate.

Then, instead of coating the pan with cooking spray and flour, I coated it with cooking spray and sugar.  That was also a winner.  The sugar made the outside of the cake a little crispy and crunchy, a perfect combo with the soft center.


Lime Poundcake

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