As many of you know, back over Memorial Weekend, our basement flooded.  This was the result of about 10 inches of rain in less than a week.  The water poured into our basement for several days.  At its worst, we had 1-2 inches of water across the entire basement.  Fortunately, we were able to get Service Master in right away and they sucked out about 500 gallons of water and set up industrial strength blowers and dehumidifiers.  They also had to rip out the carpet and cut out about 2 feet of sheet rock and insulation around most of the basement.  Then we just had to wait for things to dry out.  Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

After about 5 weeks we were confident that everything was dried out and we started putting things back together.  Here’s the story through my photos:

This bedroom was one of the wettest rooms

This is the other bedroom drying out and as you can see, they had to take all of the baseboard off.

The bathroom is where the flood began.

This is the family room as it was drying out….isn’t it lovely?

Once the water stopped flowing, Service master came back and tore out sheet rock…in the bedroom.

…..and the other bedroom

….and the bathroom

…..AND the family room

Meanwhile, things are pretty chaotic upstairs, too!

Doesn’t everyone have a mattress, wet vac and dehumidifier in their living room?

The living room turned into a makeshift bedroom.

Finally things dried out and we were able to start putting things back together.  First up was sheet rock.

It was so good to see progress.

It’s getting there.

Please….no more rain!

Once the sheet rocking was done, we could paint and schedule the flooring to be installed.  So our first couple of days of vacation, right before the 4th of July, were spent painting, cleaning and putting baseboard back up.  Once the flooring was installed, there was still a lot of work left to do, but it was more of the fun stuff.  We had never really decorated the basement before, so we decided now was the time.  We got some new furniture and some new accessories and put all of the rooms back together.

Now for the after photos!

Now it’s done and it’s time to enjoy our new space!!

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